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A Little About Us

Green Fuel Solutions's proprietary waste to energy system can handle all forms of discarded material that normally would end up in a landfill.  From that material, Green Fuel Solutions’s system quickly outputs an economic fuel of a high quality that can be used immediately in diesel burning engines.  Most importantly, the company has constructed a fully functional waste to energy plant at scale.

For years, Green Fuel Solutions has operated a full scale system that has been proven to convert all forms of waste  ranging from household, industrial, medical, agricultural along with sewage, liquid waste and or any other solid, it can be used as a feedstock.  All waste with hydro carbons, which is nearly everything habitually thrown away in our daily lives with the exception of metal, glass and stones can become high quality fossil free fuels.  This fuel can be used straight from the system in a diesel engine, no blending necessary.

Green Fuel Solutions. (GFS) specifically produces a process module for the direct conversion of Municipal Solid Waste into liquid Fossil Free Fuels®. GFS accomplishes this with Catalytic Depolymerization in their patented process module. GFSI's 100 ton facility produces #2 Diesel Fuel (ASTM D975), Kerosene (jet fuel), and #4 Fuel Oil (ASTM D396) all without harmful by-products. Our process also allows our customers to produce a surplus of electricity. With proof of the technology in the full scale plant in Pasco, WA; GFS is contracted to supply modules for companies worldwide. Simply said, GFS is presently converting waste into fuel.

  Ultimately this gives our local communities the benefit of jobs, reduction of waste in our landfills, an alternative source of fuel (increasing our country’s fuel supply security), and the collateral economic benefits of a viable system such as this.  Our Mobile System also allows soldiers overseas to make their own fuel in theater, which eliminates some of the need to bring it in, which will increase their safety ultimately.

Green Fuel Solutions feels has not taken any local, State or Federal government funding to build the operational system. The company even stated that it would give back 5% of their profits to local communities to help with their needs because of budget shortfalls.  Green Fuel Solutions has also offered discounted fuels for school buses etc.

Green Fuel Solutions.’s system is ready at full scale and can be implemented anywhere in the world to provide countries fuel and energy independence out of local resources at a much lower price than regular fuel on the open market.

We have the solution check us out  on our website

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